Glow Sticks

Monday, 13th May 2013

Well it certainly has been a while…don’t hurt me!


I was listening to a song just now to wind down from the stress and workload of exam revision. Biology, my friends, is no walk in the park…unless of course you’re some new homosapien species with a super genius brain. Or if you actually work hard enough to understand the notes 😛

But that’s not the point. I decided to play one of those online radios and a song by Andy Grammer came on. It was ‘Miss Me’. I love that song and considering that fact that I was looking for a wind down I decided to watch the video. I realised I hadn’t actually bothered before now. Sill y me but that error in my judgement was corrected instantaneously!

So for those of you who haven’t heard the song it’s basically about moving on from the end of a relationship and building up again. The usual lol.

But the video was actually refreshing to watch. I love videos but that’s not why.

They introduced a common element that these broken-hearts could fuel their emotions into.

They used glow sticks and I loved how symbolic it was. And it got me thinking, like most things do, how beautifully metaphoric it was.

The idea that just because I’m broken doesn’t mean I won’t shine brighter. I mean we all know that glow sticks nowadays are used by teenagers (like me :P) when we go for these really big concerts and stuff and, while in that setting, the symbolise comfort and enjoyment, they could mean something totally different.

And I didn’t bother to view it that way until the video. I didn’t even think it was possible to.

I mean isn’t it cool how you have to crack a glow-stick before it shines? The same way when you’re cracked or ‘broken’ after whatever you’ve had to go through you can shine. Brighter than you did before and keep shining to be brighter still.

It’s actually REALLY sappy but it’s amazing. So totally amazing how something so mundane and overused can again be seen as a beacon of strength with a light we all have waiting to be unleashed.

It just makes me wonder how many more things we’ve overlooked and not understood the true potential of and I’d like to discover what they are. Maybe you have? If so then hold on to it. You wouldn’t want to lose something as precious as that now would you?

The song for this post is Miss Me by Andy Grammer for obvious reasons!

Enjoy 🙂

Peace! xo



Wednesday, 17th October, 2012

Hey hey! 🙂

Sadly I wasn’t able to post yesterday and I feel like I’ve broken a cycle. Silly right? But really that’s exactly how I feel seeing as I’ve posted every day without fail since I’ve started. Oh well. All I can do now is curse the stupid internet for being stupid on me and failing! Deep breathes…

Well yesterday I drew a blank and I really had no idea what to write. It might have also had something to do with the fact that I went spinning and couldn’t feel my legs for an hour after. I swear that was so painful! I think my favourite part of that would have to be when the instructor said ‘Cool down’. Golden words. No two ways about it.

Believe it or not I can still feel the pain! The stairs have never looked more monstrous I assure you.

My friend wrote something on my arm a while ago and it’s stuck with me.

“Put your heart first and your feet shall follow.”

Well it has a personal connection to my life so I understand why she put it but let’s not go into that. I love the quote and I’ll probably tattoo it on my arm at some point 🙂 I found another one recently that means the same thing.

“Just let your heart lead and your feet will follow.”

It made me wonder though why so many of us are afraid to follow our heart. Why are we too scared to say ‘No, this is not what I want to do!’

What is it about us that say ‘please walk all over me.’ Why don’t we object? If they aren’t afraid to hurt us by making us choose what they want over what we want then why do we care so much about hurting them?

It really baffles me and yet here I am, doing exactly that, letting them choose because I’m too cowardly to say no.

You know you’ve lost when you decide you don’t care anymore.

I’m so sure I’m not the only one out there and that in itself puzzles me further. I get that it’s mostly our fault for not being able to speak up about it and letting them do what they want because we convince ourselves that it’s okay. But why put us in such a position in the first place. And to top it all off have the audacity to say that it’s your decision in the end but we all know that you’re thinking ”And your decision better mirror mine”. It’s such a catch 22.

It’s come to a point where you no longer know what you want to be, what you want to do with yourself because you’ve come to a point where you know it’s futile to even voice it. They’d look at you like ”That’s all well and good but you’ll go nowhere in life if that’s what you do.”

Hopefully one of us, if not all of us, finds the courage to speak up and encourage the rest of us to do the same 🙂

Good luck folks!!

This song I feel fits this perfectly 🙂 Enjoy!!

Until next time 🙂