Who’s Pain Is Bigger?

Wednesday, 1st April 2015

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog. I guess it’s just that easy to be swept up with Life. I thought I’d be one of those people that would have everything under control, but you don’t realise how easy it is for days to merge into weeks, months, years and you find yourself looking back ten years from now thinking ‘when did all that happen?’ or ‘where did the time go?’.

As cliché as that is, it happens. I mean there’s always truth behind every cliché.

Well, like my past blog posts, I don’t have a specific topic to touch on. I just read a post on the Humans of New York about a guy who lost his wife when she gave birth to their child and I got choked up thinking about just how much pain he’d have had to go through.

It made me feel guilty.

You know those days when you’re feeling low and everything about your life up till now stops making sense? You’re sitting there wondering what the hell you’re even doing with the gift you’ve been given and you feel even lower because, even though you have the resources to make your life great, you’re just sitting in a corner or on the bed feeling sorry for yourself and the troubles you’re going through.

I do that sometimes. I don’t plan it, but it happens and everything that’s bothering me or stressing me out just bubbles over and I cry. I cry so hard for myself and for the people surrounding me and for the lack of courage I have. I can’t tell anyone how I’m really feeling and it’s not because they wouldn’t listen or care but it’s because when I say it out loud it starts to feel so small and stupid that I feel even worse for thinking that something like this could even be classified as a problem that causes me pain. Then I read or hear about how much worse other people have it and I feel like an ungrateful, selfish little girl because my troubles aren’t even a tenth as bad as theirs are and if they can pick themselves up and move on and try to be happy, then why can’t I?

It makes me feel like I don’t have a right to be upset, but that’s not true.

How does anyone classify pain and the degree with which it effects individuals? How can something so abstract such as pain and happiness even be compared? No two people are the same and no two people feel the same way about the same thing. And yet we still find ourselves comparing these abstract emotions. It’s a twisted form of self-masochism where we make ourselves feel worse by realising that we shouldn’t even be feeling bad in the first place.

I’m just rambling on and on about something that I can’t express clearly but it’s so present in my life and I’m sure in the lives of everyone else on this earth, if not now then later, and it amazes me that despite knowing the facts we still compare ourselves to other people.

Not just via emotions but through materialism and vanity.

It needs to stop.


Lennon Style

Monday, 15th October, 2012

Firstly I wanna know how many people reading this are in love with the Beatles 🙂

Well whatever your response to the Beatles as a band is it doesn’t interfere with what I rant about 😛 I was just curious 🙂

Moving on!

So I was reading a biography on the Beatles a while ago and this quote caught my eye:

“For our last number, I’d like to ask for your help. Would the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands? And the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewelry?”

                                                                                                      ~John Lennon

Well Lennon said this to their audience in 1963 when they performed at the prestigious Royal Command Performance in London.

I found this quite interesting because of how true the meaning behind it is. The rich like to flaunt what they have. It’s a little strange but understandable. I mean why wouldn’t you want people to know you can afford some of the things that they can’t? It gives some people a sense of pride I’d imagine.

I’m not saying that that’s the mentality of all rich people. No. But most of them do live their lives like that.

And I just couldn’t stop laughing.

How ridiculous would that be? People rattling they’re diamond necklaces or gold bracelets? How delightfully comical! And that gets you thinking. The fact that they’re wearing enough jewelry that could rattle and replace having to applaud is barbaric! I mean why would you need to wear all that to show people that you’re wealthy?

Lennon put it so gracefully. Nobody really cares. And he tastefully told them exactly how idiotic their appearance was in terms of the amount of ‘bling’ they had on.

I get that someone else’s perception on what Lennon said would be different. Someone else might say that he didn’t mean that at all. In reality he was literally just making a comment on the fact that the people in the audience were stinking rich because of where they were performing and could in fact do exactly what he stated if they wanted to.

I agree with that completely! And I thought that at first. But then I sat there and re-read it and just burst into an uncontrollable fit of giggles.

You can’t deny the fact that there are those really deranged people out there that carry their closet on them everywhere they go.

And it’s like ”People! We know you’re rich! You don’t need to keep shoving it in our faces!”

And they wonder why they get robbed…

I realise also that I rant. But honestly I mean no offense to wealthy people. I’m glad that you’re all as prosperous as you want to be and are prospering still. I’m just trying to understand the some that do what I’ve talked about.

I’d imagine it would be a result of ‘easy’ money or inherited money.

The only thing I have to say to that would be…”GO JOLIE PEOPLE!!” 😛

The song was quite fitting (as you’d find I try to make sure most of the songs I put into the post are related to the post somehow).

If in anyway someone found this offensive or disliked it due to reasons that relate to offense then I apologise and feel free to tell me what exactly you disliked. Otherwise? ENJOY!

And if you’re wondering what the name of the biography is it’s:

Meet The Beatles by Steven D. Stark 

Till next time!

Take care 🙂