Saturday, 13th February, 2016

Wow…so it’s been a while. And I know I said it last time but I absolutely intend to be more frequent with this. A lot’s happened in the last couple of weeks and it’s been quite the rollercoaster on self-discovery.

I think I may have had my mid-life crisis epiphany a good 29 years early o.O

Anyway! Back to topic.

I decided to be productive with my summer this year and enrolled in a summer subject about well-being and positive psychology.
A bit of an introduction to the course; it focuses on the many ways humans are going wrong with their lives and the even greater ways they can switch that around by simply focusing on what’s good regardless of what’s bad.

You know those grandparental advice we’ve all gotten at least once in our life? The advice like ‘Don’t be in a hurry, enjoy the ride’ or ‘Life’s an adventure with ups and downs but the ups never feel as great if they’re never any downs’. Stuff like that.
Yeah, well it was all of that mushed into one science based branch of psychology to allow people the chance to live a wholesome, flourishing life. Key aspects of what makes life great such as gratitude, love, hope, character strengths, motivation, positivity and all the abstractly optimistic concepts are being deconstructed and studied from the ground up by psychologists everywhere.

So the point is, I’ve always considered myself to be a nice, grateful person that’s empathetic of other peoples views, opinions and feelings. However, during the two weeks i learnt that, really, I’m not. The amount of things I’ve taken for granted and under-appreciated had be stunned speechless. The amount of times I’d found myself either on the verge of tears or already sobbing during the two weeks still has be stunned speechless.

It had me thinking…how many times in our life do we simply pass the world by, not once stopping to simply thank the bus driver because we’re too focused on the tasks we have to do? Honestly, how many people are completely present and focused on the task at hand?
For example: when you take a shower, how many of you simply go through the motions while you’re head’s all filled with the things you’ve got to do during the day?

Why is it so difficult for human beings to be? To just be. Why not take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule and appreciate the clouds in the sky, or the flowers on the tree, or the lack of flowers on the tree. Allow yourself to be overcome with wonder at nature’s beauty and magic.
Submerge yourself into the creativity of life and wonder.

Wonder how the trees know to shed their leaves. Wonder how a baby knows it’s mother’s touch without even seeing her. Wonder how a mother knows her children are upset when they’re halfway across the world. Wonder how when you look at someone, you just know they’re the one.

Wonder how you fall in love:
Wonder at the feeling of opening ¬†up to someone, so completely that your heart feels like it’s bursting, your mind suddenly draws a blank, your gut drops to your ass.

All these examples of miracles and beauty that surround us. Think, if you could only spend 10 minutes a day admiring, thinking, simply watching them, think about how you’d feel. No pain, no regret, no anger, no sadness, no stress.

Just 10 minutes.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.


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