Sunday, 14th October, 2012

Well I was thinking today, while I was running the stupid errands that have become a vital part of my everyday life (cue ‘eye roll’ here), I realised something.


You know how they’re always there even when you can’t see them? How you know that if they’re not above you right now they’re definitely above someone else?



Their consistency.

It’s so strange how we can go around saying that we don’t have a constant in our lives and forget that we actually have many.

It’s just never the constant we want.

We want that constant in family. Or heck even in chemistry! The one we’d die to have with someone we’re crushing on silently. We allude ourselves into thinking that said person will be the constant. We forget that, just like in the subject with constants in acids and bases and all that stuff we’ll never need again, the reality is too hard to produce.

But that just it! Isn’t that a sign? Some great scholar telling us that the stuff we learn in school and the stuff we want to learn outside it are linked? So, if chemistry in school is psycho then the chemistry outside it must be as well. Right?

And why are we so superficial to ignore the beautiful constants around us? The clouds. Those wondrous miracles that, although change shape, never leave.

And it’s not just the clouds. There’s that certainty that there will be night after day. Day after night. That old lady from across the street that always catches you stealing her fruit. Or that book on your bedside table that, unless you put elsewhere, will remain exactly where it is for you to pick up and take off from where you stopped.


They’re all around us but we never see them.

It’s strange isn’t it?

To stick with the theme of this post I figured a song on clouds would be fitting. I didn’t realise just how many there are! Maybe there are those really smart ones amongst us that caught sight of their constant and appreciated it. Strange how many more are ignorant.

So the song might not directly be linked to clouds as thing…kind of. But it works! And it makes you feel better 😛

Till next time 🙂




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